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Pool party places in Gurgaon

Haut Monde – Best Hotels / Resorts / Restaurants in Gurgaon

Pool party places in Gurgaon

Wouldn’t you love having a Miami kind of a setting right here in your home town? If the answer is yes, you discover a palatial setting at Haut Mond restaurant situated at the heart of Gurgaon. The restaurant belongs to the Contitel group of hotels.

The hotel premises can arrange pool parties for you. But, you can also organize your very own affair. So it can be a beautiful demand upon request. If you fall short of ideas, then this online guide is going to help you through.

In this holidaying segment, we are going to throw up some exclusive ideas on how a hotel arranges pool parties. With this, your quest on discovering pool party places in Gurgaon is finally coming to an end.

We have lined up exclusive tips and ideas on how you can arrange pool-side parties using your own imagination. Here we go:

Toy upon the idea first

Would you like throwing up a quiet party? It can be an intimate affair with the family or among a selected group of friends. Else it can be a wild party with banging music, thereby throwing festivity around. So to develop the right theme for the party setting, you need to decide. As to how you want the party to turn out to be.

Plan a movie night

If this was a favorite movie, you and your family can catch up with, umpteen number of times, you can utilize the occasion well. You can plan a movie projector right in front of the swimming pool. You can pull in some inflatable lounge chairs. Else watch the movie while you plan to have a dip inside the water. You can arrange for pretty looking floats for kids if you plan projecting movies like ‘Finding the Nemo’. Or something like ‘The Little Mermaid’.

Think of a posh party

If you think of a super-posh party, we can lend you with the right set of ideas. You can create a modern vibe, right from the lounge area. Why not think of a ‘black and white’ theme? You can ask the hotel to provide you with black and white chairs. You can place these across the lounge area. You can organize a stylish array of food and drinks at the party. Try

  • French fries
  • Ice-lollies
  • Cocktails like Bloody Mary and lemonades
  • Orange/ apple pies and
  • Cool burgers

The stylish array of food and drinks sets the tone for a super stylish pool-side party out there. To add to the jazz, you can also play club music at the background. Inexpensive flip-flops tied with festive ribbons can be given away to guests attending the party. Don’t you have enough elements to have the party the ‘talk of the town’ kind of an event?

Hawaiian Party

Throwing a Hawaiian party can be the most pulsating party pool idea indeed. It can be an inexpensive affair if you plan it up this way. Allow your guests turn up in Hawaiian shirts or cool Hawaiian print skirts. You can decorate the lounge area with

  • Daisy flowers
  • Include tropical colors when it comes to setting the chairs and tables
  • Include bamboo accents

Enquire about Hawaiian based accessories from the local retailer or Hawaiian based party-pool organizer. You can include Tiki torches or tropical flowers scattered across the tables as well. You therefore get the finishing touches for a magical evening.

Roasted pork, rice, fruit salads, pine-apple chicken/ham and desserts are culinary delicacies, you can come up with. This way, your guests reminisce the party as the swimming pool now turns into a garden paradise.

Beach Party

Creating a beach party ambience is not going to burn a hole into your pocket. Especially when you have, our tailor-made ideas, executed to perfection. Allow guests to be dressed up in their kick-back flip flops and swim-suits.

You can use your children’s sand box along with creative accessories. This way, you build your very own sand-castle. Cover the chairs with beach towels. You can use plastic pails and shovels while you serving food and drinks to your party guests. Floaties can resemble pretty looking sail boats.

To add to the aura, include cuisines like grilled hot dogs, baked corn and hamburgers. Side-walk boards can also be used to serve pop-corn, candy cones and French fries among your party guests and friends.

Vegas Night

Why don’t you try bringing your guests to Las Vegas? This idea can out beat yours, over mediocre pool party places in Gurgaon. You can use neon tubs and fill it up with air. These can take bright day-light colors like hot pink or lemon yellow. The neon light flashes the colors from the tubes filled with water.

You can treat guests by offering a lavish buffet spread. Include sushi, chicken parmigiana and Ruben sandwiches. You can go vegan by trying the same with soy balls. Also, include a lavish spread of deserts. You can designate a cool area near the pool side where guests play Black jack or poker. This way, you bring the casino effect to the pool-side party. The guests can later redeem their prizes or mementoes.

All girls’ party

Why should boys have all the fun? You can organize an ‘all girls’ party’, to make your pool-side idea even better. You can hire a beautician to treat your girls over a stylish make over. You can also include manicure or pedicure as a part of the paparazzi. You can place individual containers having nail file, polish and toe separators. Cover the tables with pink paper or lilac cloths. Again place small bowls with water. Throw some floating flowers to add to the pretty-looking effects. Once done, the girls, are in for their retreat comprising of tasty sandwiches and colorful cupcakes. Voila, you are all set to go!

These are some of the great party ideas that beats other pool party places in Gurgaon. You can ask Haut Monde to even organize Retro nights and Australian New Year parties to add to the jazz. This is a recently opened hotel that craves for customer satisfaction and delight. The hotel authorities would be more than happy to bring your pool party idea into action. So why not get into the plunge!

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