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Luxury hotels in Gurgaon

Haut Monde – Best Hotels / Resorts / Restaurants in Gurgaon

Luxury hotels in Gurgaon

Would you love throwing a great party among friends and relatives? Or do you want an intimate tete-a-tete among corporate employees? Or would you love throwing the most inspiring corporate bash in town? Your quest towards searching among the best of best luxury hotels in Gurgaon finally comes to an end.

In this online segment, you have a look at attractive features, luxury hotels in Gurgaon can provide you with. Let us have a deeper look into some of the best suites a business hotel can offer you with. Plus you will learn about the other attractive features a renowned business hotel offers its clientele with.

These are some of the attractive features a brand named Contitel can offer you with. Shall we take you through each one of them?

Elegance redefined

The brand named Contitel offers a range of hospitality services via its chain of hotels, resorts and motels. Haut Monde is a posh hotel that is nestled pretty much, at the heart of Gurgaon. It is named one of the best business hotels in and around Gurgaon. The hotel offers rooms where elegance is re-defined. It offers a touch of class and comfort like none other. The palatial setting offers a great ambience for business cum leisure travelers to take complete advantage of their hotel/motel stay out here.

Convenient location

Most of the travelers gauge the distance of the hotel from its respective airport or railway station. Closer proximity to the railway station or airport is the prime deciding factor behind choosing a hotel. When you find a world-class business hotel far away from the airport or city center, the rooms never get occupied.

But with Haut Mond luxury hotel, you simply have nothing to worry about. This is a superb business class hotel that is strategically located at the right place. The world-class hotel is situated just at a distance of 6.5 km from the Gurgaon railway station. While it is 17 km from the Indira Gandhi international Airport, New Delhi. The classic hotel is also located in closer proximity to iconic spots like MG road, Unitech Business Park, Cyber City, Kingdom of Dreams, Signature towers and IFFCO Chowk.

Great Accommodation

‘Elegance Redefined’ is the motto value of Contitel group of Hotels. And Haut Mond is a world class business hotel beyond the slightest element of doubt. You find palatial rooms and these are adorned with soft tones and beautiful texture.

All the rooms at Haut Mond are centrally air-conditioned. You also get access to complimentary breakfast options. Corporate rooms or board meeting rooms can make product launch events, hassle free. You get the rooms with free Wi-Fi connectivity as well. Room and laundry services also come to you with the package deal. If you say, this is not enough, then these are the extraordinary facilities we provide to you on a platter.

  • Mini-bar
  • Luxury television
  • Wardrobe
  • Tea and coffee maker and
  • Internet

The suites are decorated with sun splashed corners. The décor of the suites are warm and inviting. The rooms are incredibly stylish and cozy. You also have indoor heated swimming pool and cool outdoor pools you can have a dip in.Guests coming here for the very first time, feel like coming here every time they land up in Delhi.

Versatile culinary styles

We understand your need to chuck the daily routine off your taste platter. We design exquisite variety of dishes to satiate your taste buds. From lasagna to tortillas you find everything innovative. Cheesy pasta can add to your toast. You have fresh fruit salads that can keep you fresh and energized through the day. The list of dishes that are rolled out, is endless. You enjoy a free and endless flow of food and drinks.

Pocket friendly

We at Haut Mond firmly believe that money is not everything. We believe in providing quality customer service to each of the guests. While no compromise is made on the quality, you will find that the accommodation here is pocket-friendly. In other words, you don’t have to spend a bomb to get elegance re-defined.

The rooms are decorated with minimalist design to make the feel a nostalgic one. You feel as if you are living in a home away from home. Thanks to the wonderful interiors and courteous staff, you get a homely feel, the moment you check in.

Friendly check in and check out

At Haut Mond, you feel so excited to check in. You get a whole lot of facilities to make your stay a classy one. You do not regret even for a minute as to why you landed at this place. The check-out procedures are also carried out in a hassle-free manner. A detailed bill is handed to you at the end of the stay.


You get a 24/7 room service. The laundry service is also not charged as such. While other luxury hotels in Gurgaon, charge you heavily on laundry services, this hotel decided to stand out from the crowd. You get free laundry service in each of suites you plan staying in. Everything is covered under the accommodation deal itself. Our courteous staff do not hesitate to answer your queries. They help you sail through from the start until the end. Top class customer service is the motto, we as a brand, strive to achieve forever.

You also get complimentary breakfast, free Wi-Fi and a lot more. Along with plush furniture and great bedding, you also get a complete access to a whole lot of complementary services.


In a nutshell, you must have seen how this brand stands out from the others. You get so many complimentary services without you having to spend a dime. The interiors give the feel of luxury while you don’t spend ever so much. You get classy facilities on a platter. Now do you know why this particular brand beats the other luxury hotels in Gurgaon?

Book your rooms here. And have a fantastic stay out here. Whether you want a personalized ‘Do not disturb me’ setting or a cool hangout with friends! This place is surely not going to leave you disappointed.

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