Ideas to Promote Your Hotel on Social Media

Ideas to Promote Hotels – The advent of the internet […]

Ideas to Promote Your Hotel on Social Media

Ideas to Promote Hotels – The advent of the internet has opened new doors for business firms operating in the corporate world. As per a recent study, it is estimated that more than 4.5 billion people around the world have access to the internet. Moreover, 65% percent of internet users out of 4.5 billion have active social media accounts. Therefore, social media platforms attract mass audiences from various backgrounds scattered all around the world.

Such has been the influence of social media on our lives. People cannot function without their mobile devices as we stay connected through multiple social media platforms. This, in turn, has contributed to the inevitable rise of digital marketing. The sheer volume of target audience present on social media platforms is a good enough reason for business firms to participate in digital marketing activities to grab the attention of the audience.

The tourism, hotel, and hospitality industries have also successfully jumped on the wagon of social media marketing considering the exposure generated. Being active on social media helps a hotel to stay connected with its audience. The communication gap has now been mitigated with the introduction of social media marketing. The online rating of a hotel plays a vital role in determining the quality of service the concerned establishment is offering. Based on these statistics, the possibilities of catering to the needs of a larger audience group increases.

Therefore, if you wish to generate more traffic on your hotel website and serve a greater audience base, then the following ideas can be incorporated to boost your social media presence:

Some Ideas to Promote Hotels on Social Media Platform

Consistent Updates:

Uploading promotional content regularly and staying active on your social media account is imperative to grab the attention of your audience. Regular posting of fresh content on your company account will help you to build an impressive brand image. Your voice will be heard by a larger audience base and the chances of converting potential customers into long term clients will also greatly increase.

It is also critical to select a specific branch of advertisement as per your services. For instance, Dove uses its advertisements and online posts to make its audience aware about the importance of skincare and self-esteem. Simultaneously, Hotels should publicize content that highlights the benefits of a luxury and comfortable lifestyle that can be availed by rendering the services of the concerned hotel.

Have a Dynamic Approach:

Consistent posting on one social media platform is not enough. The marketing team of the hotel must have dedicated accounts on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snap chat just to name a few. Be relentless with your posting schedule as you would want to maximize the opportunity provided by the reach of social media platforms.

However, be sure not to spam content on your respective pages. Overcrowding your social media page with irrelevant content will harm your online presence. Therefore, maintain a frequency and post relevant content on a daily basis. Eventually, with rigorous practice, you will start to get results as more people start to recognize your brand.

Use Hashtags:

Hashtags are nothing but keywords that your target audience is most likely to type on the search bar of the social medium domain. The use of hashtags will improve your visibility as people are more likely to bump into your content while searching for similar services that your hotel provides. According to the study, it has been discovered that posts containing hashtags generate almost 13% more audience engagement when compared to posts that do not feature any hashtags. The hashtags also help the visitor to gain a general idea about the post.

Therefore, with effective use of hashtags, you can generate a greater audience base. Be sure to use 10-12 genuine hashtags. Overcrowding your posts with tags will again degrade its quality.

Provide Lucrative Deals and Discounts:

One of the most proven methods of attracting more audience is by providing offers and discounts on your services. With effective social media marketing, you can educate your target audience about your products and services. Provide discounts on every purchase so that the customer experience increases.

This will help your firm to build goodwill as a favorable image of your brand will be created in the mind of the audience. Another essential aspect is making sure to follow up with your customers after they have rendered your services. Make sure to take feedback from your clients so that you can identify your weaknesses and work on them gradually with time.

After-sales services are essential to creating a favorable reputation in the hospitality industry. Therefore, be sure to entice customers with attractive discounts so that they get complete satisfaction after rendering your services.

Email Marketing and Customer Support Services:

Email marketing is a productive branch of social media marketing as it assists the hotel concerned to promote its products by reminding the customer about the discounts and deals that are presently being offered. Do not be afraid to remind the customers personally by sending them an email about your recent offers. Employing a dedicated customer support team can also help to retain customers over an extended time period. There are numerous queries that a client must have in mind. Answering them on an immediate basis will only increase the chances of establishing a greater audience base. Make sure that you have a 24/7 customer support team on standby to address and solve the issues of the customers.

The incorporation of these ideas into your current social media marketing strategies will propel your business to the very pinnacle of the hospitality industry. Make sure to seek assistance from experts that possess the required knowledge and experience in the field of digital marketing. Maintaining goodwill and fulfilling the needs of the customers will increase your overall profit margin. Also, be sure to back your promises made on social media up with top-quality services. Make a conscious effort to improve your online rating at all times to increase traffic at your hotel property. That’s all about ideas to promote hotels on social media.

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