How to Book Directly With a Hotel?

Booking with a hotel directly is the best bet for […]

How to Book Directly With a Hotel?

Booking with a hotel directly is the best bet for having your rooms booked. You cannot always rely upon third party agents. They may book rooms for cheaper. But last-minute cancellations or unavoidable downgrade to rooms or failure to adhere to Reservations against cancellations are circumstances that can cause havoc. Though these scenarios are quite rare, if you are the unlucky one, you are forced to take the brunt.

Helping you understand the typical know-how on how to book directly with a hotel. Shall we go down the carefully laid-out steps?

Go to the hotel website directly

Here is a simple trick to find out if you are on the hotel website or not. The official IP address of the hotel will always contain the full name of the hotel. The generic web page will appear as the name of the hotel alone. If you are keen to look for a specific location like Hyderabad, Chennai, or Gurgaon, the city also gets addressed on the site id. This way, you directly come to the home page of the hotel web site.

Contact Us Page

Once you have the site up and running, you can go to the Contact Us Page. Some sites allow you to email your name, address, or telephone number. There is a special tabular column where you are expected to mention the quote you have on mind.

The Contact Us page may contain the contact numbers you are expected to get in touch with. Else you can call up Just Dial. Just Dial or JD is a service application where you get contact names, addresses, and telephone numbers of hotels, theaters, malls, and shopping centers connecting the city as such. You can also jot down the customer care email id where you can write into. Many hotels disclose the entire info on their Contact Us page. Else, you are required to scout for them.

About Us Page

Sometimes, the Contact Us page of the hotel website has the quote section alone. The About Us page will surely contain the names, telephone numbers, addresses, and fax numbers of the hotel you are looking for.

Dial-up the telephone number

Once you have captured the direct service line number of the hotel, this is the next primary step. You will have to contact the customer care team or the hotel reception desk. You can verbally mention your quote. You can also discuss the purpose of your stay here. If you have special requirements, you can discuss the same as well. After a detailed conversation, you will be given a hotel booking number.

Prior blocking of the room

If the rooms are available, you can book the rooms immediately. The reservation team can take your booking via the phone. You will have to provide your Debit Card or Credit card details. This way, your rooms are booked or secured. Some hotels may request you to shell out 25% of the room-rent as advance. Else, you can make the booking by paying the entire amount. Prior to blocking or securing of rooms can guarantee you the availability of rooms.

Procuring discounts or freebies

While you try booking with the hotel directly, this is something; you cannot afford to miss on. If you are a frequent airline traveler and the hotels are located close to the airport, you can avail of travel miles or airline miles. You can avail a free night stay if your entitlement card allows you to do so. Or if you have accrued loyalty points by staying at similar kinds of hotels, you can make use of the same. This way, you can receive fat discounts, freebies or even extra nights. Why miss out on the same?

Email bookings

This is the next simplest way on how to book directly with the hotel. Having captured the official email address of the hotel, you can directly write to them. The customer care team picks the emails on a high priority basis and connects you to the hotel desk or reception. Sometimes, the email will have official links to the hotel. You need to click on them. The links allow you to make the bookings online. You make online bookings of the hotel directly via the site.

Personalized booking

If you stay very close to the hotel and want to enjoy a weekend getaway, you can visit the hotel directly. You can contact the concierge desk or the hotel reception desk towards having your rooms booked. Do not forget your air miles or loyalty points to avail discounts.

These are carefully laid out steps on how to book directly with a hotel.

Advantages of booking directly with a hotel

You definitely have better advantages of booking via the hotel direct, instead of going via third party agents. The points are bulleted for you to make a note of.

  • You get the best hotel room deals while you book through the hotel itself. You do not put up with hefty commission rates charged by third-party vendors. The loyalty points or airline miles are redeemed directly to fetch you the best of straight forward deals.
  • Sometimes, the hotels may run attractive campaign deals which third party travel agents never reveal to you. Say like
  • Book a room and get a champagne bottle free.
  • Book for seven days, six nights and get an extra night free.
  • Book a royal suite and get a deluxe room free.

You have access to these deals only when you try booking via the hotel.

  • As you are booking through the Hotel Direct, you do not have duplicated or lost reservations. Your rooms are guaranteed bookings. They stay with you unless you try to cancel the same personally.
  • You get freebies and treated as prioritized VIP customers. You are given additional happy hours on drinks. You get exciting deals on Buffett dinners. You get free hamper walks across coffee or tea plantations. Your kids get free welcome drinks and t-shirts. You get special requirements from the hotel desk.

Now that you know how to book directly with a hotel and its advantages go right ahead and make your reservations well in advance if you are planning for a holiday or a business trip. This way, you not only save your time and money but can be assured of the best accommodation.

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