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How many types of Hotels?

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How many types of Hotels?

How many types of Hotels – Hotels play an important role when it comes to traveling. We want to have the best experience when we are on the road and that experience is heavily dependent on the type of accommodation that we get to spend time at.

Just imagine, you are traveling to the place that you’ve always wanted to visit, or you are on a work trip and have spent an exhausting day. Wouldn’t you want to come back to the hotel room where you can just relax, have the best amenities, and spend some peaceful time? Of course, you would! We all want that when it comes to spending time at hotels.

Hotels: Categorization

One of the important things that come to our mind is what type of hotel should we choose? Depending upon the various factors, hotels are categorized into types. The factors of categorization of these hotels include;

  • Hotels by Star Rating
    • 1-star
    • 2-star
    • 3-star
    • 4-star
    • 5-star
  • Hotels by Location
    • Beach resorts
    • Ski resorts
  • Hotels by Clientele
    • Business hotels
    • Family hotels
  • Themed hotels
    • Gastro hotels
    • Spa hotels
    • Wine hotels
    • Retro hotels

With the increase in the travel and tourism industry, the number of hotels around the world has increased. The services and the amenities that a hotel offers can be different from others. For example, if you consider an area like Gurgaon in Delhi, then the hotels in Gurgaon offer some different services and their cost then varies according to it.

Hotels: Star Rating

Hotels when categorized based on the number of stars can help to give you a picture of the kind of services that they would offer.

  • 1-star: They are venues that offer you some basic amenities, are small in size and can provide you with some space to keep your luggage and spend the night. It is mostly used for a short stay.
  • 2-star: Hotels that come under your budget and that offer you amenities like TV, phone, restaurant, and room service are rated as 2-star hotels.
  • 3-star: They are a mid-range hotel that offers a high quality of comfort. Typical amenities in a 3-star hotel include a gym, room service, business center, TV, valet parking, etc.
  • 4-star: They are upscale properties that offer you superior comfort and very high standards of service. The amenities offered by the hotel include a swimming pool, wellness or spa center, premium bedding, designer toiletries, etc.
  • 5-star: They are luxury hotels that offer you extravagant standards of service, comfort, and amenities. Some of the amenities include complimentary services, personalized greetings, personal butler, access to multiple restaurants, in-house jacuzzi, etc.

When you travel, there are several options that you get to choose from for your accommodation. Similarly, there are many 5-star hotels in Gurgaon that offer high-quality services for a pleasant stay! Luxury hotels in Gurgaon offer you with most of the services and amenities that a 5-star hotel should offer.

Hotels: Location

Location-specific hotels tend to attract more guests. Usually, beaches and snow-clad mountains are the most visited tourist destinations. So, a hotel in these locations tends to thrive well. Specific locations offer specific features and amenities to the guests that stay at their hotels. So, let’s have a look at what beaches and ski resorts have to offer!

  • Beach Resorts: Mainly located near the sea, these resorts offer you with many leisure activities. They are the perfect place to just relax for a while and do nothing at all! Some beach resorts do offer water sport activities as well.
  • Ski Resorts: Located usually at high altitudes, their surroundings are usually covered with snow. They offer you many snow sports activities too.

Hotels: Clientele

Have you ever had a business trip or business meeting set up at a hotel? Many specific hotels offer their services to organize and conduct professional meetings and workshops. The categories for the same include;

  • Business hotels: They offer amenities such as high-speed internet, conference rooms, business center, airport pickups, etc. So if you are looking for a venue to conduct an official office meet, get some lead and book a meeting room in advance in any of the top-rated hotels!
  • Family hotels: They include amenities like restaurants with children’s menu, kids play area, babysitting services, etc. These services can assure you of a hassle-free stay at the hotel.

Hotels: Themed

Themed hotels are specialized to offer professional services in a particular field. They claim to be best at the type of services that they offer. To elaborate, have a look at the different themes for hotels.

  • Gastro hotels: Are you a food enthusiast? Then this type of hotel may be the best choice for you. They tend to offer several varied dishes that are prepared with different cooking styles and techniques. That’s pretty exciting, isn’t it?
  • Spa hotels: If you are looking for some time off from your routine just to relax and gain some peace of mind, then spa hotels are your best bet.
  • Wine hotels: Are you a wine lover? Have you visited a vineyard before? Irrespective of what your answers would be, wine hotels can be a great place to have new experiences. They are usually located near the vineyards so that you can have a personal encounter with the grapevines.
  • Retro hotels: Are you a fan of the old times and want to relive some special moments? Then retro hotels may be your choice. Their setup, background, the vibe are different from other hotels.

Hotels: Costs

The cost for all of these services and categories, differ from one another, depending upon the type of hotel that you choose.

The bottom line of this discussion lies with the fact that if given an opportunity, you should choose the accommodation type that suits your needs. So choose the one that you think is best. Some of the top hotels in Gurgaon offer a wide range of quality services at affordable prices.

All of these factors contribute to you having a wonderful living experience while you’re traveling.

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