How Can I Maximize My Hotel Stay?

Are you the kind of someone who stays in and […]

How Can I Maximize My Hotel Stay?

Are you the kind of someone who stays in and out of hotels most of the year? How can I maximize my hotel stay? This will be the question that will be running on your mind 24/7.

You may be running your own online or offline business. Hotels provide comfortable venues for having seminars or get together events organized, that too, in a seamless manner. Else your company may have a constant travel job pipe-lined for you. You need to provide hotel and travel bills to the Finance desk. To have the same looked into!

How Can Maximize My Hotel Stay

Here they are

In this online guide, you will learn more about seven interesting hacks on how you can maximize your hotel stay. Here are some tips, ideas and simple ways of saving money on hotel stays. So, let’s know the coolest ways. How you can maximize your hotel stay?

Early check-ins and late check-outs

This tip isn’t as hard as it sounds. You can place a pre-request order that you might be checking into the luxury hotel a little early. And you would want a late check out as well. You can either place the prerequisite across an email or over the phone. Else this is one technique you can follow.

You can reach the hotel earlier than your usual check-in time. You can then enquire with the concierge desk if you can be accommodated a little earlier. If some other room is free, some hotels can put you inside the room till the next set of guests punch in. Else you can lounge around the hotel lobby too. You can utilize this time to hold a conference meet or a delicate tete-a-tete with your business delegates. Whether you gain an hour or get four hours, you get to stay at an advantage.

Make use of loyalty points

This is yet another simple and straight forward way by which you can maximize your stay at the preferred hotel.  You can enquire at the concierge desk as to how you utilize your loyalty points or bonus points. This way, you can elongate your stay by a few extra hours. Some hotels can be generous enough to give you two extra days too as a loyalty gesture.

This way, once your corporate or business trip is done, you can relax at the hotel, before you get to head back home!

Discount conversion

Again, this is a simple method by which you get to maximize your stay at the preferred venue of your choice. You can enquire with the help desk or concierge desk if you convert your discount money for the extra hours or days you plan staying in. In other words, you pay the normal amount for the tenure of the stay. And the discount amount can be utilized to extend hours or days of stay at the hotel. You must be smart enough to maximize the stay at the hotel without putting the hotel executives in a delicate situation. They too have their higher-ups to answer.

Celebration of good times

You can tell the hotel authorities that you are celebrating a birthday bash or an employee get-together event. Or a baby shower function or your very own wedding anniversary. The occasion for the celebration of good times can take reasons on an endless note. This way, the hotels can arrange a special stay for you. As a part of the celebratory mode, they can give you a coveted upgrade for the same price. Or help deliver a chocolate cake or a champagne bottle to make you celebrate the event in style. Some hotels can add more points to your loyalty card as well. Either way, you get to achieve the intended or the desired extended stay.

Talk the right royal manner

As a customer, you need to be treated like a king. You can put across your needs or demands across the table. And, this needs to be done transparently. There is absolutely no point in mincing your words.

You can talk about customer loyalty or satisfaction to emphasize your point explicitly. You can enquire about a room upgrade or select better options within the same price-tag. Like, say a swimming pool facing the room, or taking up a king-size bed versus doubles. The clearer you speak up, the better the chances of you getting what you had aimed for. This way, you can extend your hotel stay or at least get better services for the price you are paying for.

Using your credit card in a wise manner

This is yet another effective tip by how you can extend your hotel stay. You can use the travel points that are awarded to you. Via your Credit card company. Again, these are in the form of loyalty points or redemption points covering your hotel stay. You can refer to the group of hotels your card issuing company has a tie-up with. You must do this research well in advance so that you can select a hotel or venue accommodation accordingly. Some of the card companies can offer you exotic vouchers, food packages and a lot more. You can either decide to maximize your hotel stay. Else use enhanced facilities at the venue for the same price you intend paying up.

Personalize your relationship with staff members

When you generously tip your staff members or call them by their names, they can get immensely satisfied. They would themselves suggest you for a room upgrade or an overnight stay at a throwaway price. You can ask them the discounts or offers that are running up at the hotel then. It can be a safari cruise, or a tea plantation walk or a contest running up. By participating in these and filling in survey forms or winning contests you can win exotic prizes. Some hotels can offer you an extra night’s stay or extend the weekend, as a part of the winning bonanza.You can utilize the benefits to your advantage.

Are you still wondering, “How can I maximize my hotel stay?” Well, with these simple hacks, yes you certainly can!

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