How Can I Get A Large Hotel Discount?

How can I get a large hotel discount? Most of […]

How Can I Get A Large Hotel Discount?

How can I get a large hotel discount? Most of us keep eyeing on cheaper deals at sophisticated hotels or inns in town. Online shopping is a great option. But there are hotels that keep changing their rates every hour or two. Hence it becomes difficult for you to gauge what the room rates are. There are certain hacks right here where you make the best out of hotel deals. You don’t have to compromise on the quality or luxury of the hotel cum motel. All you got to do is to plan smart.

In this online guide, you will learn some exclusive tips and ideas on how you can get cheaper deals on hotel rooms booking. So, stay tuned to read the article until the end!

Presenting cool tips and ideas on how you get cheaper deals on the preferred range of hotels:

Skip Fridays

Most of the employees or even top-class Managing directors plan their vacation Friday nights. And want to head back home Sunday evenings. We call it the weekend getaway plans. But not many are aware of the fact that hotels charge the maximum for Friday nights.

The reason is most hotels are highly in demand at this point in time. Even B class hotels get filled out, and you are forced to pay up exorbitant rates or prices even at a country-side best hotel.

To beat the situation, this is something you can do. Plan your vacation on an early Saturday morning. Reach the hotel concierge desk and place your bags. You can lounge around the hotel lobby. Keep eyeing on rooms that get vacant Saturday afternoons. And you can quickly tuck yourself in.

Get into the off-season mode

If you plan to vacation at Goa during peak season, chances are, you get hotels that are too pricey. As it is a typical beach locale, summers mark the peak season. Ski destinations are usually power-packed during the pleasant weather zone, or during the post-monsoon season. Starting September up until November. Once the snowy weather starts, guests or tourists want to return home.

To beat the situation, plan your Goa trips during June or July. You can carry your raincoats or umbrellas to protect yourself from the torrential rains. Plan your trip to Kulu-Manali during November or March so that you find pleasant weather. Plus, the off-season tag gives you additional discounts on hotel bookings or room rentals.

Just look for basic amenities for hotel Discount

Hotels having an indoor swimming pool, gym and spa can be great choices indeed. But these are USP’s that make hotels hike up their price tags. Are you typically going to use these facilities? If no, filter them off your list.

You just need a comfortable inn to push your luggage bags into. While you want to explore the city center, go for some shopping or visit hot-hubs the place has to offer. So why waste money on fancy amenities the hotel provides to you? Just search hotels that offer basic facilities like Wi-Fi, free parking slots and discounted breakfast deals. You can find hotels, offering you rooms, at the budget you have in mind.

User reviews- not the only determinant

Quite a lot of you get carried away reading the user reviews. You find online members complaining about bad food, tasteless décor, unfriendly staff, loud music, and whatnot. But you need to go past these judgmental remarks while making your choices.

No hotel can get you a ten on ten for everything. Say if you plan to stay at a city-center hotel, there is bound be noise from traffic, construction activities, etc. This is something the hotel doesn’t have under its control. Try to base decisions based on your expectations. If you have stayed at the hotel or motel before, and you were thoroughly satisfied, nothing can stop you from booking the same hotel once again. You can ask for loyalty points, bonus vouchers, and more as you are choosing the hotel once again.

Convert air mile points, discount codes, etc. into real-time money

In your hustle/bustle of getting the hotel rooms booked at the last minute, you may forget your must-dos. You can convert the travel points you have accumulated on your Credit card. You can look for discount vouchers you earned by shopping at malls or something. You can utilize contest relevant discount codes. Or even convert Air miles into discount codes for room bookings. This way, you can earn fat discounts on hotel rooms or bookings.

Looking for freebies

Sometimes, the hotels or venue locales cannot compromise on their pricing policies. In other words, room rentals remain the same. What can you typically do? In this situation, see what kind of freebies are included as a part of the staying program? Are you accessible to receiving free Wi-Fi, laundry or even complimentary breakfast deals? Then you will have to put a checkmark in the hotel. Rather than paying the lesser price on room rentals and individually paying for all of these! You pay the standard price and have these included. Saving or discounts have already been earned. Voila!

Look for standard rooms

Even at five-star hotels, standard rooms can be affordable from your wallet’s point of view. You just need comfortable bedding, basic hair dryers, decent lighting, breakfast deals, and comfy bathrooms. When a standard room comes to you with these facilities, why opt for deluxe or suites? Tea/coffee making facilities might come with an add-on. If your credit card lets you book for coffee or tea or even provide packaged deals, you can order the same from the restaurant café. This way, you get compact rooms at stylish hotels at your very own budget.


Here, you have all tips, tricks, and ideas on how to minimize the room rentals or receive maximum discounts on hotel deals. So, are you still wondering, “How can I get a large hotel discount?” You can just follow the suggestions mentioned above and receive some impressive discounts on your next hotel stay!

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