Corporate Party Venues In Gurgaon

Corporate Party Venues In Gurgaon – Corporate events are being […]


Corporate Party Venues In Gurgaon

Corporate Party Venues In Gurgaon – Corporate events are being held so that employees get a refreshing change from the monotony of everyday work. These events not only cater to fun lunches and entertainment but we have other stuff lined up as well. Apart from a fleet of event management service, you also have a product launch meets held by companies. The products can be cosmetics, pharma or even software testing kits. Here the delegates meet the big shots of the industry to host or campaign their products. To have a corporate event done in style, you will have to look out for sprawling party venues that can be a wire puller of crowds.

We are going to have a look at some of the spectacularly done corporate party venues in Gurgaon. What kind of facilities do you need? How can you hold theme parties? And a lot more stuff. So stay tuned to read the online guide until the end!

Corporate Party Venues In Gurgaon

Haut Monde

You have a spectacular hotel named Haut Monde. This resort cum hotel is owned by the Contitel brand. The brand is one of the most sought-after across Gurgaon. You can avail of business-class services at pocket-friendly prices. You have a whole fleet of services that are offered entirely free. These are Wi-Fi, breakfast options and even laundry services. You can use big board rooms fitted with projectors and screens. This way, you can organize HR meets welcoming first day candidates. You can hold corporate product launches and exhibitions. Else you can hold delegates meet to discuss the strategic plans of the top management. You also have easier access to the International airport, railway station and other entertainment zones. This is one of the perfectly poised corporate party venues in Gurgaon.


Ritz is a grand corporate party hall that is designed using the French Chateau. The spacious hall with warm lighting sets the party mode on fire. You get world-class services and amenities at this particular ambiance. Space is so vast that the party hall can accommodate 2000 guests at once. With a palatial 50,000 square feet area and wide-spaced décor, nothing can go wrong with the choice as the perfect corporate venue. You have a sophisticated state of the art facilities to conduct live symposiums, exhibition events and so on.


Smaaash is a leading event management firm that gives a whole new concept to holding corporate meets. The group offers snow-bowling events for corporates in its heavily poised gaming zone. You can play poker, video games, and even cricket. You can dine, party and feast at the desired venue of your choice. You can customize party events with this particular brand. Just attending a projector-based SME presentation followed by a team lunch will not be the thing anymore. You also have Trampoline Park, air rider and ninja that can let the gaming spree go on an adrenaline-high. This is a firm that provides party ambiances with a twist.

Mellow Garden

Mellow Garden in Gurgaon is the perfect ambiance to have a corporate meet or a luncheon done in style. This is situated on the third floor of South Market City at Gurgaon. You can look for an Indo Chinese menu with floral arrangements in place. You can choose between a roof-top setting and one with an open view. The outdoor restaurant can also be availed where you have a palatial lunch at the garden space. You can book the party hall for holding a corporate or product launch event followed by a luncheon party.

Party hall in Pind Baluchi

Do your fellow-employees have a craving for authentic Punjabi food? Then this place is surely not going to disappoint you. You have a beautifully spruced up party hall to hold tete-a-tete meets or product launch events. The traditional entrance doors, jharokas, wooden chairs and lanterns set the stage, up on fire.

You find an artificially created Banyan tree with romantic and cozy moon-lit lighting effects. This dramatically changes the entire décor. You discover mud-plastered walls coupled with dazzling beads. The feel enhances the aesthetics of the restaurant. For simple corporate team events or parties, this venue at Ansal Plaza in Palam Vihar Gurgaon is a must-have.

Jungle Jamboree Restaurant

If you want to indulge in the wild, then this is the venue that will make you extremely happy. The venue is located in Sector 29 of Gurgaon. You have lions, tigers, gorillas and chimpanzees sneaking through bushes and trees. You can have a great get together with corporate employees. And have the luncheon party done in style. At Sector 29 Gurgaon, the choice of this particular venue can never get you wrong. So go for the jungle-like plunge and get one with nature.

Lawn styled resort

Lawn resort is superbly styled by the Armor Convention group. You have stylish Italian floors camouflaged with gorgeous crystal chandeliers. You discover special warmth when you are at this place. You find that this party venue is sophisticated to help you let the hair down loose. The palatial grandeur also adds to the décor in a peppy way. The party hall takes its inspiring design via Neo-Victorian style. The rich pastel shades of linen curtains, table cloth, and blinds; you can expect a super-rich ambiance out there. The lawn convention center is also named ‘Earth’. At Earth, you can host all kinds of prestigious events. Entertainment filled ones and product leads as well. The convention hall can take up to 2500 guests at the same time. The entire workforce can be accommodated in the party bash out there.

These are some of the premier corporate party venue halls in Gurgaon. You find that the cost of dining or having champagne is far affordable. And you have activities lined up for every corporate member out there. A fun-loving or a quiet person can each have their own version of fun.  Much to relish and enjoy, we will come up with ideas pertaining to how corporate events can rev up. You can break the monotony of everyday work and look at the slice of life at a far different angle. Getting ready for the action guys?

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