Best Water Parks in Gurgaon

Best Water Parks in Gurgaon – Gurgaon, Oops! officially known […]


Best Water Parks in Gurgaon

Best Water Parks in Gurgaon – Gurgaon, Oops! officially known as “Gurugram”, one of the most urbanized cities in India and suburb of Delhi. There was a time when Gurgaon was referred to as “Slumbersome Dull City Of Delhi” but at present, the image of Gurgaon has totally changed. The vibrant and entertaining nightlife of Gurugam is something you should not miss out on. The place is a perfect example for the nature admirers, it is a destination to relax and admire the beauty of the city.

Best Water Parks in Gurgaon

It is a perfect blend of high lifestyle and tourist destinations, here we have few famous tourist places for you.

  • The famous National park and Bird Sanctuary of Sultanpur
  • Mesmerizing Sohna Lake  and Damdama Lake
  • Unique Flora and Fauna

The scorching summers and alluring natural atmosphere of the city attracts people from Delhi and cities around Delhi as well in summers. It is well connected to Delhi and Jaipur, thus this is the major reason people spend their holidays in Gurgaon and kids relish the fun of resorts and the best Water Parks of Gurgaon throughout the year.

The folks who enjoy adventure activities like kayaking, boating, valley crossing, river crossing, and rock climbing then Gurgaon is the perfect place for you. At the same time, who like leisure holidays where they can sit on the poolside and have a drink, for them the place offers luxurious resorts with the best water parks as well. Water Parks have always been on the list of tourists especially in summers to get away with the unforgiving heat and humidity. We all love the sounds of water splashing, gurgling, rushing, and spraying. The fascinating part of water parts is a padded area for toddlers, bobbing on floats, shaking wave pools, adventurous water slides, and rides. Water parks play energetic and soothing music for the crowd.

The most high-tech and well-designed hotel as well resort in Gurgaon is Haut Monde – Contitel Hotels & Resorts. Over more than 15 years now has maintained its luxury class and has embraced the mark of excellence for both business and leisure travelers. It is the first preference of corporates for corporate events, stay and meeting, it offers their business and corporate clients with great customer service and sheer luxury feel.

The resort offers three types of stay – Deluxe, Premium, and Suite Stay. You can indulge in the smacking delicious food and treat your guests with the local food taste of Gurgaon along with other cuisines offered by them. Haut Monde of Gurgaon is also known for its splash and amazing – the best water park. It is the best water parks in Gurgaon, as its motto is to provide full customer satisfaction. It is nested in Sector 15 and is very well connected to expressway NH 8.

We would like to highlight the list of amenities and facilities accompanied by the water park offered by Haut Monde – Contitel Hotels & Resorts.

  • Top Notch-Luxurious Restaurant – Are you ready to order the most scrumptious treat while you are enjoying the splash of the best water parks in Gurgaon. Haut Monde serves its customers with a multi-cuisine platter at their Citron Restaurant. The ambiance and hospitality of Citron restaurant are remarkable, they believe “delicious finger-licking food is the only way to win the heart of their customers”.
  • Unwind Yourself With The Best Beverages – HR 26 by Armory of Haut Monde serves the excellent quality of beverages from all around the globe. Who does not like a  chill glass of beverage after adventures of the Best Water Parks in Gurgaon. Treat yourself like a king, order a glass of beverage and complement your drink with hot quick bites served by HR 26 by Armory of Haut Monde.
  • Complete Package Of Luxurious Rooms – Haut Monde is the epitome of luxury and elegance offering a package of well-furnished Premium and Suite rooms with complimentary breakfast. If you are looking for a 2-in-1 option of in-house the best water park and luxurious rooms for your leisure trip in Gurgaon then do the reservation right away with Haut Monde.
  • Pocket-Friendly Deluxe Rooms – Planning for a corporate or wedding event in Gurgaon, and want to please your guests with the excellent amenities then book the deluxe affordable rooms for your guests. Haut Monde is the most preferred option for corporate events in Gurgaon, the reason being it gives the formal feeling along with the pinch of fun elements. The delicious food served by the restaurant and the best in-house water park satisfies your clients or guests. You do not have to worry even if you are planning for a destination wedding in Gurgaon, age is no barrier when it comes to enjoying the facilities offered by the best water park of Haut Monde.
  • Haut Hospitality And Redefining Luxury – Haut Monde is known for offering coveted experiences to their clients, throughout the endless flow of drinks and delicious food is a unique form of the hospitality of Haut Monde. The friendly and attractive hospitality attracts visitors from the corner of the country. Redefining luxury to offering the best well-maintained water park has won the hearts of many guests.

Haut Monde

Haut Monde is an excellent business resort and hotel-designated in the spot-on location in Gurgaon. The connectivity to Haut Monde is really good, it is in close proximity to Airport and Gurgaon Railway Station. As mentioned earlier Gurgaon is known for the high-fashioned and loud nightlife.

If you are looking to explore the adventure, nightlife and at the same time want a leisure trip then plan your holiday with Haut Monde. It is a family destination as Gurgaon has many scenic spots to visit and also kids can enjoy Bird sanctuary and the best water parks.

To know more about Haut Monde in Gurgaon visit our official website – http://www.contitel.co/, for a reservation you write to us at info@contitel.co or call us at +91-8377003771/+91-1244840000.

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