Best Mall in Gurgaon

The Evolution of Shopping Continues with the Best Mall in […]


Best Mall in Gurgaon

The Evolution of Shopping Continues with the Best Mall in Gurgaon

Best Malls in Gurgaon – For some shopping is a mood-changing habit and for some, it is a regular habit, it doesn’t matter whether you are shopping lovers according to your mood or have regular shopping habits, shopping in Gurgaon’s world-class malls can never disappoint you. when we thought about shopping a grand image comes to our mind that image is the best mall in Gurgaon’s real gem of India where along with the shopping you can also enjoy some great flavor of food.

In literal words, Gurgaon is a paradise for all shopping lovers who are just addicted to shopping. regardless of the high fly budget, you can buy anything from here under a low budget. Not only the best malls in Gurgaon but it has so many amazing street markets from where you can shop and bargain. In these markets, along with the amazing clothes under a good budget astounding variety is also available. For the ones who have a regular habit of shopping, Gurgaon is the best place to go and explore and it is a promise that your shopping experience in Gurgaon’s world-class malls would be fun and memorable.

If you are recently visiting the Gurgaon then you will notice that this city has been become a huge place for the adults also, as the place is full of amazing kinds of stuff like food hubs, shopping malls and now has become a beautiful and crowded city than it used to be. Many big companies are located here and this place is offering many job opportunities to adults. You will see that incoming time this place would become the world’s one of the bests working place. Job opportunities are more here and almost every big brand and company has an office here. If you are looking for fun along with some shopping then Gurgaon is the best place to visit. Another fun thing about Gurgaon is that this place is not only the first choice for the locals or the nearby place people but it has become a huge addiction for the foreigners who stay in Haut monde hotel or nearby hotels also, no matter from where they belong to or where they are traveling, Gurgaon is the first choice for each of everyone because of the amazing vibes of this place.

Though this place is very crowded but has so many amazing things to give you. Gurgaon is not an ordinary place where you can just go and shop but this place serves you with the best out of them all. In this city, you would get to see many huge and excellent shopping malls and hotels like Haut monde that provide you with the best products at virtuous and realistic prices and the best hospitality experiences. For a never-ending wonderful experience visit Gurgaon’s world-class malls with your family and friends. It is guaranteed that your precious time spent here with your loved ones would be enjoyable and memorable. Now, let’s shed a light on the best malls in Gurgaon to make your experience in Gurgaon more enjoyable.

Best Malls in Gurgaon

1. First and the most famous, THE SHOPPING MALL, DLF PHASE- 01

This place is located in Arjun Marg DLF Phase 01 and one of the best places for shopping addicts. Regardless of the name “the shopping mall”, this place is mainly a retail market for the kids, men and women’s clothes which is why you can expect good quality and branded clothes at very sensible costs. However, the cost on the items is fixed but you can still bargain and bought amazing stuff from here. All the shops in this place are adjacent to each other so you can find any of your desired products easily and you can assume this place as a shopping street. If you are a college student and struggling for a good budget as it is understandable that college life is tough but don’t worry this place will serve you with the amazing branded clothes under a good budget. You can find any kind of wear such as casuals, woolen, kids’ wear, formal shirt/pant, accessories, jeans, etc. This place is a must-visit place if you are wandering here and there for the amazing stuff.

2. Another one is, DLF City Centre Mall

This place is located just opposite to the MGF metropolitan in Gurgaon. DLF city center mall has a grand chain of high-class brands, restaurants, mobile stores, jewelry stores. For fun and enjoyment, this mall has big multiplex cinemas and top-class food stores such as pizza hut, burger king, dominos, McDonald’s and some other famous restaurants. These big brands and stores make this place an amazing and most visited place.


Metropolitan mall is one of the most visited and highly crowded places in Gurgaon 3.3KM away from the Haut monde hotel. This place is not only serving you with the best shopping experience but also with amazing entertainment, food, and many other things. this is the first choice for everyone whether it is a shopper or a wanderer. It has many amazing pubs, bars, night clubs, and multiplex cinemas. Not only entertainment things but it also has astonishing brands like PUMA, Adidas, NIKE, TOMMY and many more.


Sahara mall is one of the oldest and most famous shopping of the Gurgaon. If you are searching for a place where you can shop under your easy budget then this is the best place for you as it has a blend of every type of shopping such as for inexpensive shopping it has Big Bazar and a quality collection of pantaloons and Raymond. For the eating thing, it has Haldiram and PVR for your great entertainment. Though this is a big shopping mall in the Gurgaon you can shop here under your budget. Rather than above there are few another shopping malls such as Ambience Mall (NH 8, Gurgaon),  Galaxy Mall (Sector 15 Part 2, Gurgaon), DLF Mega Mall (Golf Course Road, Gurgaon), South Point Mall (Golf Course Road, Next to Genpact Building, Gurgaon), Star Mall (Near IBM, Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, Block A, Sector 30, Gurgaon) to enhance the amazing shopping experience in Gurgaon. These are the best and must-visit malls of the Gurgaon.

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